Steeler 88: Lynn Swann

The Pittsburgh Steelers have held a long tradition of excellence, after having a number of marquee players rise up from their fold. They contributed in a huge way to the colorful history of the game. One such player is Lynn Swann. Here are some interesting details about him.

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  1. He had a lot promise early on as an athletic collegiate star with the University of Southern California Trojans football team. He had what was a rare mix of speed and grace in his raw talent, thanks in large part to his skills in dancing.
  2. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in public relations in 1974 and was eventually made part of the College Football Hall of Fame in 1993.
  3. He was drafted as the 21st pick in 1974 by the Pittsburgh Steelers, in a rookie class which football scribes look back to as one of the most talent-rich drafts in football history, along with other eventual Hall of Famers John Stallworth, Mike Webster, and Jack Lambert.
  4. As a rookie, he led the NFL with 577 punt-return yards, a standing franchise record and the fourth best record of all time in those days.
  5. His sophomore year was his brightest. He caught 49 passes for 781 yards, and more importantly, he led the league in having the most touchdowns at 11.
  6. In one of his games against the Oakland Raiders, he was knocked out by George Atkinson which resulted in a major concussion that forced him to spend two days in the hospital. To everyone’s surprise, he returned to play for Super Bowl X, recorded 4 catches for 161 yards, and made a touchdown. His stellar play made him the first ever wide receiver to bag the Super Bowl MVP.
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