The Most Successful Ucla Bruins In The Nfl

There are a lot of football players who have made successful careers in college. But there is a special breed which brings this success all the way to the pros. Here is a list of the most successful UCLA Bruins who made it in the NFL.

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TROY AIKMAN, quarterback, 1987-1988

After two eventful years with the Bruins, which even include a 20-4 record, this signal-caller was eventually picked up by the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, where he led them to three Super Bowl titles in four years. An able staple in the league, he had a storied 12-year career. He is arguably UCLA’s greatest quarterback.

KENNY EASLEY, free safety, 1977-1980

Kenny Easley will go down in history as one of the toughest defensive players to come from the Bruins. He owns the recognition for intercepting 19 passes during his four years as a starter in the Bruins’ defensive backfield. He made it to the NFL’s All-Pro four times, even being named as the AFC’s Defensive Player of the Year in 1984.

JONATHAN OGDEN, offensive tackle, 1992-1995

Jonathan Ogden is by far the best offensive lineman that the UCLA has produced. He proved this by winning the Outland Trophy as the nation’s foremost in this position. Upon reaching the pro ranks, the Baltimore Ravens made him the fourth pick in the season’s draft. He won the Super Bowl with the same team in 2001.

BOB WATERFIELD, quarterback, 1941-1942, 1944

Bob Waterfield is a much adored collegiate icon from the Bruins, leading his team to their first Rose Bowl in 1943 by beating USC for the first time. Onto his professional career, his momentum barely broke as he became the first ever rookie to have won the Most Valuable player title.

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Duval Love joined the NFL in 1985 after being chosen by the Los Angeles Rams as a 10th round draft pick. He played the sport competitively through high school and college, where he went to Fountain Valley and UCLA, respectively. Catch more interesting football stories here on Scribd.


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