No Love Lost: The Story Of a 10th Round Nfl Draft Pick

In 1985, a Los Angeles native was anxiously waiting for his name to be called, which would signal the start of his NFL career. Duval Love played prep football at Fountain Valley High School and college football at UCLA. And like any other player, he wished to translate his school football career to the professional league. But after nine rounds of draft, his name has yet to be mentioned.

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Love was not supposed to be chosen later than the fourth round, as some scouts had predicted after seeing his performance during his junior season in college. Being selected in the 10th round was naturally a devastating turn of events for Love. And even though his hometown team drafted him, the Los Angeles Rams, he knew that his work was cut out for him because he’d be playing for a team that had four pro bowlers on the offensive line – the position he was playing.

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Not keeping his head down, Love put in the work needed from him and eventually made the team. But while the Rams had a pretty decent offensive line, the rest of the team was struggling, leading to unsuccessful campaigns. But 1991 saw a change of fortune for the guard as the Pittsburgh Steelers signed him, albeit being a Plan B.

Nevertheless, it is with the Steelers where Love found success. In 1995, Love would be named to his lone pro bowl appearance because of his solid performance during the season. He was also a significant contributor to the Steelers’ playoff runs, but his team fell short of reaching the Super Bowl. Love would go on to play with the Arizona Cardinals during the last two years of his inspiring career that proves that staying positive and toughing it out can transform a 10th round draft pick to an all-star.

Read more about Duval Love here.


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